Not Northwind Planning

first post: shanselman wrote: What should it look like? Any ideas on the example's domain space?

latest post: shanselman wrote: Yes, no one really rallied around this project. Happy for any help...

Community Edition = dead?

first post: strivinglife wrote: Based on the stats, it looks like people visit this project (I'm su...

latest post: dotnetgreg wrote: Anything new for this ... the suggested added capabilities would be...

Where to get the old Northwind, Pubs

first post: LARK wrote: On the page that talks about not being ready to release an updated ...

latest post: Godigo wrote: Thanks, LARK :-)

What's wrong with Northwind?

first post: JamesCurran wrote: Reading the wiki & the other discussion here, I see a lot of nice i...

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